Our Services

  • Balayage

    Achieve graduated, more natural-looking highlights with balayage. Colour is painted directly onto specific sections of hair and blended to prevent any harsh contrasts.

  • Sombre

    Like ombré, sombré uses a subtle colour gradient to create a soft transition from root to tip. Using tones similar to your natural hair colour, sombré is a great way to add texture to your hair without any drastic changes.

  • Ombre

    The gradation of colour used for an ombré look focuses largely on the ends of the hair, with a more prominent colour difference between the roots and the tips.

  • Brazilian Blow Dry

    Our specialist Brazilian Blow Dry helps tame frizzy hair without leaving it looking flat. This treatment will leave your hair feeling ultra-smooth for up to five months.

  • 72 Hair Keratin Blow Dry

    Lasting for up to four months, our 72 Hair Keratin Blow Dry achieves smooth glossy hair without the extra effort.

  • Elumen

    Offering high shine and vibrant colours, our Elumen treatment is perfect for clients who experience allergic reactions to certain dyes.

Please note that we require at least 48 hours notice of cancellation or deposits will be lost.